Schools and Day-care Facilities

Schools and Day-care Facilities

Schools and Day-care Facilities

Educational facilities have to give a safe, clean and healthy environment for individuals to understand. Whether it’s an elementary school or a university, students will be able to concentrate on the topic matter accessible and really should never be vulnerable to picking right up germs or bacteria. Sterling Office Cleaning’s systematic method of cleaning universities helps protect the fitness of your students as well as your staff. From daily cleaning to high-level disinfecting, you can expect all degrees of service to match your requirements and budget. We’ll also assist you to stay compliant with all regulations and standards.

Our educational facility cleaning professionals are backed by over six decades of experience and understand the initial requirements of the environments. With overnight and weekend cleaning availability, we’ll make certain to provide a safe and healthy facility without ever disrupting your students and teachers.


Young children can certainly spread germs, which explains why their environments have to be routinely cleaned and disinfected to safeguard them and others. Ensure day-care centres and preschools are clean, sanitized and disinfected with comprehensive cleaning services from Sterling Office Cleaning. From classrooms, bathrooms, staff break rooms, hallways and more, our preschool and day-care cleaning professionals can clean everything.


A clean and safe school can help minimize student and teacher sick days, leading to a much better learning experience for everybody. Keep your school clean and healthy with professional school cleaning services from Sterling Office Cleaning. Let teachers and students stay centred on learning and leave the cleaning to us.


Enhance the learning environment for students, professors, and staff with immaculately cleaned and disinfected buildings and facilities. Our university cleaning experts have the knowledge and expertise to effectively clean commonly used areas like classrooms, science labs, offices and more.

  • The advantages of ServiceMaster Clean:
  • Over 65 years of cleaning industry experience
  • Professionally trained janitorial specialists
  • Commitment to the best quality of clean
  • Specialized expertise for industry-specific needs
  • Night and day cleaning options
  • Customized cleaning solutions

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Showing you how confident we are you will be happy with our service, we've what we prefer to make reference to as our special service guarantee. To put it simply, directly after we clean your house, office or worksite, you will receive our automated 72-hour guarantee on our service.


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